Stock Market Falls – Should I Be Worried?

Q. I have to admit that I’ve become a bit fixated on what’s going on with the stock markets recently as they have fallen across the world, in turn affecting the value of my investments.

Should I be worried?

A. It’s fine to be concerned, however if it’s making you anxious then we’d say that’s not good!

You also mentioned that you won’t need access to your investments for at least 10+ years.

The Mainstream Media (MSM) have a few agendas when it comes to reporting on what the markets are doing.

One of which is to make investors worried, so much so that they continue to check back to see what the latest updates are and continue to consume the MSM’s messages, which in turn keeps their advertisers happy (who would have thought, eh?).

Instead, we would encourage you to focus on the fundamentals, not MSM hype.

Take the long term view.

And remember that history tells us that being disciplined over the long term will usually repay the investor (although, of course, there are no guarantees).

Tuning Out The Noise (click to load a 2 minute video) is one of the key strategies that we recommend.

Whilst there are many other factors to consider, this is one of the main ones we recommend you focus on.

Ray Prince

My work passion is helping dentists and doctors strategically plan their financial futures in a totally impartial way (I work on a fee basis). Outside of work the best words that can describe me are: father, husband, keep fit enthusiast (running), family oriented, non-materialistic, enjoy new challenges, smiling, living by the coast 🙂

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