New Beginnings & A Sense of Gratitude

Graeme and I are sharing the final word for this year, so before I wrap up, here’s a few words from Graeme:

To say the least this has been a pivotal year for me!

Separated from my Ex.

Finding my own home.

Meeting a new lady.

And my daughter Charlotte off to University!

I also have to say that the year has flown by, and I am looking forward to 2019 as a new exciting start in my life.

This year has also brought the sad news of a dear friend’s early death just as he had started retirement, and how humbling it was to see his lovely family gather around and support his wife Hazel.

His grandchildren will miss Jim, but there are many fantastic memories and photographs to cherish.

The church was absolutely packed to celebrate his life and he will be remembered by all of us as a truly lovely gentleman.

Badminton will never quite be the same.

Onto business matters, it has been a delight to take on many new clients this year, and of course seeing clients I have known for 30 years plus.

One doctor I met in 1986 has recently celebrated her 90th birthday, and many turned out to enjoy her party!

Seeing her surrounded by family and friends demonstrated to me what life is all about – people.

Another client, Joy, celebrated her 100th birthday in November!

Here she is celebrating, together with her picture from the Queen.

I wish you all a very joyful, Merry Christmas and fulfilling and peaceful New Year.

And now my bit…

Life definitely seems to be speeding up.

I’m now in my 50th year on this planet and the complexities of life mean that I feel like I have even less free time outside of work and the family.

In other words, there’s not much time for ‘me’!

I can’t complain though – life is rich with variety and the inevitable daily challenges that I face.

I’m grateful for, amongst others:

My family

My work

Clients entrusting me to help them with such an important area of their lives

The many great professionals I meet through my work

My friends

My health and the health of those in my life

Having the health so that I can keep fit

On the work front, quite a few dental clients have successfully sold their practices this year (or are in the process of doing so) and are now officially on ‘wind down’, with the majority planning to work another 2-3 years (as part of the hand over) and reduce their hours at the same time.

Thinking of one or two in particular, handing over the business responsibility has certainly put a smile on their faces!

And I must say many thanks to some of our clients who took the time to respond to our survey in October, your feedback was much appreciated!

We’ve just received the collated anonymous results and will be analysing them in the New Year.

Have a fantastic Christmas and we’ll catch up again in 2019.

Ray Prince

My work passion is helping dentists and doctors strategically plan their financial futures in a totally impartial way (I work on a fee basis). Outside of work the best words that can describe me are: father, husband, keep fit enthusiast (running), family oriented, non-materialistic, enjoy new challenges, smiling, living by the coast 🙂

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