Stock Market Falls – Should I Be Worried?

Q. I have to admit that I’ve become a bit fixated on what’s going on with the stock markets recently as they have fallen across the world, in turn affecting the value of my investments. Should I be worried? A. It’s fine to be concerned, however if it’s making you anxious then we’d say that’s […]

Investment Fund Charges – Are You Clear?

Q. I was chatting to a colleague over coffee and the subject of investments came up. He said that new rules meant that he could now see what he was paying in charges on his ISAs, and it was more than he thought. What new rules are these, as I must admit I haven’t checked my policies at […]

Consumer Prices Index, What Exactly Is It?

Q. I know that inflation is measured by the Consumer Prices Index (CPI), but how exactly is the CPI calculated? A. That’s a great question as the term ‘CPI’ is mentioned in the media more or less every day, but not everyone knows exactly what it is. Every year the Office for National Statistics (ONS) reviews […]

A Fulfilling Retirement – What Will It Look Like?

Q. As one of your clients, I understand that you concentrate on ‘the purpose of money’, and that money is a means to an end. I’m curious to know, is this ‘lifestyle advising’ now more common compared to when we started working together 10 years ago? A. In short, yes it is more common, but unfortunately not […]

National Insurance Record, Can I Buy Back Missing Years?

Q. I will reach state pension age in 11 years and the state pension statement I have just received shows that I have accrued 20 years national insurance credits as at 31/3/15. Therefore, I will fall short of the 35 years required to qualify for a full state pension under the new system which was introduced on 6/4/16. This is […]

How to Get the Best Cash Accounts

Q. I am a 64 year old GP and am now in retirement.  I have all my financial affairs sorted out and have a spread of investments together with a good NHS Pension and my State Pension as well as my wife’s to come soon. Part of our wealth is held in cash for now and tomorrow spending (we […]