6 Steps To Securing Your Ideal Retirement

We originally published this piece in 2014 and wanted to share it again as it’s still as important as ever… As we approach the end of yet another year, now may be a good time to look ahead towards your retirement, not just the next 12 months as many do at New Year (presuming you’re not […]

NHS Pension Scheme – Scheme Pays Change

The NHS pension scheme has made a change to the scheme rules to permit voluntary scheme pays. A pension scheme must offer mandatory scheme pays as a mechanism to pay the annual allowance charge if the member has contributed in excess of the standard annual allowance and their annual allowance liability is more than £2,000. […]

7 Mistakes Dentists Make After Retirement 

So you want to know the 7 mistakes dentists make after retirement? Before I go into them there’s something you need to know (and I’m sure you’ll be seeing this amongst your peers)… more and more dentists in the UK are retiring before the age of 60! The reason? Since the further reduction to the […]

Personal Pension Death Benefits – How Do They Work?

However, alongside this freedom to take money out of a pension fund, there have been some significant changes to the rules relating to the benefits which can be paid if you die with a fund you have not yet used. Money purchase funds are those where contributions are invested in a fund on your behalf. These are […]

National Insurance Record, Can I Buy Back Missing Years?

Q. I will reach state pension age in 11 years and the state pension statement I have just received shows that I have accrued 20 years national insurance credits as at 31/3/15. Therefore, I will fall short of the 35 years required to qualify for a full state pension under the new system which was introduced on 6/4/16. This is […]

Pensions Tapered Annual Allowance – How Does It Work?

Q. For the last 3 years I have exceeded the pensions annual allowance of £50,000 / £40,000 due to being a member of the NHS Pension scheme, resulting in additional tax to pay. I’m concerned about the new Tapered Annual Allowance which will be effective from the 2016/17 tax year. Can you explain how it works?  A. […]