Active or Tracker Funds?

We have discussed the ways you can invest your hard earned cash many times over the last 12 years, and recently we also covered MiFID II. This aims to ensure that in order to restore consumer confidence after the 2008 crash, European markets are safer, efficient and transparent. From our point of view, this entails […]

Stock Market Falls – Should I Be Worried?

Q. I have to admit that I’ve become a bit fixated on what’s going on with the stock markets recently as they have fallen across the world, in turn affecting the value of my investments. Should I be worried? A. It’s fine to be concerned, however if it’s making you anxious then we’d say that’s […]

Investment Fund Charges – Are You Clear?

Q. I was chatting to a colleague over coffee and the subject of investments came up. He said that new rules meant that he could now see what he was paying in charges on his ISAs, and it was more than he thought. What new rules are these, as I must admit I haven’t checked my policies at […]

Most Investors Do Not Get Value For Money!

  At the end of 2016 we reported on the study that the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) were carrying out into the Asset Management Market. Why was this important? Well, as the FCA stated: “The asset management industry plays a vital role in the UK’s economy. Asset managers manage the savings and pensions of millions […]

Should You Sell After A Stock Market ‘Correction’?

The FTSE 100 – or the Footsie, as you will sometimes see it written and pronounced – is an index that measures the performance of the shares of the 100 largest companies listed on the London Stock Exchange, sometimes refered to as the LSE. It measures the daily share price performance of those 100 firms. […]

Fund Managers Show Their True Colours!

We have written often about the failing of the banks to truly look after their clients who invest with them. Scandal after scandal has appeared in the press and it was no surprise to hear that last year Barclays sacked Anthony Jenkins who was brought in in the summer of 2012 following the departure of […]

Buy To Let – Is It Still Worth It?

You may have noticed that Chancellor Philip Hammond has been very busy lately on his mission to raise taxes. The obvious one for our clients in the NHS Pension Scheme has been the lowering of the limit on the Lifetime Allowance (LTA). It has reduced from £1.8m in 2006 to £1m this April (2016)! This […]

Are Best Buy Investment Funds, Best Buys?

This is a question we sometimes get from new clients when they have seen some of the major investment / stockbroker firms who often trumpet their best-buy list of investment funds. They are marketed as the essential guide for you to achieve investment success. MailOnline wrote an article earlier this year on this, and some of the key points that emerged were quite revealing as […]