Stock Market Falls – Should I Be Worried?

Q. I have to admit that I’ve become a bit fixated on what’s going on with the stock markets recently as they have fallen across the world, in turn affecting the value of my investments. Should I be worried? A. It’s fine to be concerned, however if it’s making you anxious then we’d say that’s […]

New Beginnings & A Sense of Gratitude

Graeme and I are sharing the final word for this year, so before I wrap up, here’s a few words from Graeme: To say the least this has been a pivotal year for me! Separated from my Ex. Finding my own home. Meeting a new lady. And my daughter Charlotte off to University! I also […]

6 Steps To Securing Your Ideal Retirement

We originally published this piece in 2014 and wanted to share it again as it’s still as important as ever… As we approach the end of yet another year, now may be a good time to look ahead towards your retirement, not just the next 12 months as many do at New Year (presuming you’re not […]

NHS Pension Scheme – Scheme Pays Change

The NHS pension scheme has made a change to the scheme rules to permit voluntary scheme pays. A pension scheme must offer mandatory scheme pays as a mechanism to pay the annual allowance charge if the member has contributed in excess of the standard annual allowance and their annual allowance liability is more than £2,000. […]

Investment Fund Charges – Are You Clear?

Q. I was chatting to a colleague over coffee and the subject of investments came up. He said that new rules meant that he could now see what he was paying in charges on his ISAs, and it was more than he thought. What new rules are these, as I must admit I haven’t checked my policies at […]

Consumer Prices Index, What Exactly Is It?

Q. I know that inflation is measured by the Consumer Prices Index (CPI), but how exactly is the CPI calculated? A. That’s a great question as the term ‘CPI’ is mentioned in the media more or less every day, but not everyone knows exactly what it is. Every year the Office for National Statistics (ONS) reviews […]

Selling Your Dental Practice? – 8 Tips for Avoiding Common Pitfalls

Are you within 5 years of selling your dental practice? Dentists face many challenges when it comes to planning to sell their practice(s). Alison Oliver from law firm Ward Hadaway shares with us her 8 Tips for Avoiding Common Pitfalls. Selling your dental practice is a big deal. At Ward Hadaway we have helped numerous […]

Most Investors Do Not Get Value For Money!

  At the end of 2016 we reported on the study that the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) were carrying out into the Asset Management Market. Why was this important? Well, as the FCA stated: “The asset management industry plays a vital role in the UK’s economy. Asset managers manage the savings and pensions of millions […]